Fund Overview

Nextury Technology Fund is an actively managed mutual fund whose assets are invested in technology companies listed on the stock exchanges worldwide.

The purpose of the Fund is to increase the capital of the Fund in the long term, taking into account the risk level of the Fund.

The Fund's investments will mainly be directed to shares of technology companies traded on major global financial markets such as the United States, Japan, Germany, etc. Given that the global technology sector is dominated by US companies, most investments will be made in US companies. More info here

Fund results

The first results of the Fund exceeded expectations

The Nextury Technology Fund is focused into high-tech sector has shown it's first results - 44.6 percent in 2019. The Democratic Investment Model enables anyone who wants to invest safely and profitably in a particularly fast-growing high-tech sector.

daily portfolio valuations

20% high-watermark success fee

1% industry best management fee

1% sign up commission

Managed investments in publicly listed technology companies

Technology investments

no investment lock up period

no financial 

penalties for

early withdrawal

of funds

money out

in just 3 days

Areas of investments

The Fund's assets will be invested in companies in the technology sector

Artificial intelligence
Social networking
Cloud computing & Search
Graphical chips & Mobile
Robotics & self driving automobiles
Telecom & Network

The fund is managed by "Synergy Finance"

Fund depository - "Swedbank"

Investment Management License VIK-020 issued by the Bank of Lithuania

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